Newsletter August 2020 - Membership, Mission Statement, Club Survey


Hi All. Quite a number of things happening right now. Most importantly PKC is offering 2020 Pickleball Kelowna Club Membership. PKC is restating our Mission Statement. ..

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Newsletter June 2020 - Pickleball News Update - June 05


Hi all. This Pickleball Season is really gaining some momentum. Today we have several topics that you should know about. 1. Opportunity Knocks is all about the biggest best Pickleball Facility possibly in Can..

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Newsletter May 2020 - Clarification to Point 6 - May 30


Hi all To Clarify Point 6 said: "Are you using more than just your name, that is, are you using someone else's name along with your own to book the same court for 2 hours. From now on, all players can be ..

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Newsletter May 2020 - Pickleball Update - May 28


Hi all. So, here is this week's update. I am disappointed that I have to move in this direction. At the end of the day, it seems there are many tricks that players are using. Someone said that we are all adul..

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Newsletter May 2020 - Parkinson Pickleball Outdoor Update


May 24th - Parkinson Outdoor Pickleball Update: Hi all. As we are all experiencing, the scheduler program is excellent, except for those 1st forty minutes once reservations are enabled. In an effort to better..

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Newsletter May 2020 - Public Play Update


Hi all We pickleball players all deserve a great big pat on the back. Why? Because we are using the online registration system properly, and we are thinking of others when we immediately cancel our rese..

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