Newsletter May 2020 - Clarification to Point 6 - May 30

Hi all

To Clarify

Point 6 said:

"Are you using more than just your name, that is, are you using someone else's name along with your own to book the same court for 2 hours. From now on, all players can be on the lookout for this little trick. If you are caught, you will lose your privilege to make reservations."

I had e-mails from many of you asking for further clarification.

My apologies to all of you. I did not mean to muddy up the waters. The intent was simply to stop the practice of using the name and e-mail of your wife, your husband, your son, your daughter, your niece, your mother, all of whom do not play pickleball so that you could get that court reservation for 2 hours. Interestingly, for those that were doing this, the message was quite clear. But for many of you, who would never have even thought of such a thing, I have confused you.

To clarify, when you have 2 or more players and you want to reserve 1 court for 2 hours, you need to have 2 players who will be playing in that group each reserve 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours of play.

May 15th seems like it was a long time ago, but that was our 1st day of play. Everyone was cautious and scared, now we are all seeing and sensing that caution thrown into the wind.

The most important thing then, and still now, is the "Physical Distancing". We were asked to "Please do not arrive early. Please leave quickly".That is why there are 8 stations for the 8 courts for your court group to gather away from everyone. And mostly, we have all been hero's and not congregating.

Hanging around waiting for another game was never the intention, open play was never an option, but we all know it can be a pretty slippery slope. Perhaps you are finished playing, but some group is missing 1 player, or perhaps 1 court was playing singles and invites you to play doubles etc, etc.

Is this really what you want to do? Certainly, this was not the case just 15 days ago, but we are seeing it happen. Is it right, is it wrong? Everyone is in a different situation, What is right, what is wrong? You have to make your own decision. We all have to let players make their own decisions on this question. We are not recommending this direction. It is all up to each of you.

All the best.

Be fair to others.

Dale Charlton

Parkinson Recreation Centre Outdoor Public Pickleball Reservation Administrator

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