Pickleball is a very inexpensive sport to play.  Court shoes, cross-trainers or tennis shoes are recommended over running shoes as they allow for side-to side movements, jumping and quick start and stops.  Ankle injuries can occur with some running shoes due to the heel being elevated. Without side support a wrong step can mean a twisted ankle or worse. Pickleball Kelowna requires proper footwear to play on our courts during Club times. 


Wear something comfortable that allows you to move easily.  Many sports clothes today offer dry-wicking and it can be a blessing when playing on hot summer days. Hats, visors, headbands - whatever works for you.  Sunglasses and sunscreen always recommended.  Something a simple as a t-shirt and shorts will work. A light jacket for when the clouds move in.  Once you get playing regularly you will find you are moving around quite a bit and will want to at least be able to peel away a layer if you get too hot.